Cynthia Cruz – Cruz Visuals

Throughout my time at BYUI, I created a website to make a blog post for various class assignments and projects. Some of these projects included photography and video work, while others where reflections post on what I had learned in class. A few semesters ago, I started posting more of my photography and videography work on some of my social media pages. Paid clients began to come to me, and luckily they have been coming in since.

I created this website because I wanted to have a place to showcase my work to potential clients. I chose to host my new website,, through web hosting for students. I created my website using WordPress. I designed the website using a plugin called Divi. On my site, you will find a home, photography, film, blog, about, and contact page. Within my photography and film page, I selected some of my best work to be displayed. I also selected some photography and other related blog post and moved them to this new site.

For this project, I made an effort to post more regularly on various social media channels. I regularly updated my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube channels/pages with my work. I mainly worked on learning Pinterest and set up a Business account with them, and I was able to learn how to effectively use that as a tool to get more clients. I have all my social media accounts linked at the bottom of my website.

All the photos and videos found on my website were designed, photographed, recorded, and edited by me.

I was not able to pick up the prints I had for the showcase because of the virus, so I apologize for this inconvenience. For this reason, I will not be able to present them but will include my works website link below


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