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PRBest Thrift was a passion project that I started over a year ago. I love going to thrift stores any chance I get and love finding cool, unique items, whether that be clothes, appliances or furniture. I started out my business on Etsy by selling as many thrifted items as I could because my house started to become a thrift store. I soon realized that I wanted not just to sell clothing but I wanted to share with everyone what things that could be found at thrift stores that anyone could buy and benefit from.

That is where PRBest Thrift was created and was the perfect subject for my senior showcase project. The idea was to rebrand my old idea and become something completely new. I made a transition from Etsy to Instagram because I wanted to be able to target my market easier and pay for advertising when I could. I designed a new logo for my business and kept that theme throughout my Instagram page. I gained a following with over a 150 people, gained hundreds of page views and I was able to sell my entire inventory over the semester. Now, my plan was to never make a lot of money, my plan was to give the opportunity to others to be able to express their personality through clothing and other items.

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