Brooke Miller – Portfolio Creation


My Project

As a video production emphasis, it is vital to your success in the industry to have demonstrations of your work to get hired for future jobs. My goal with my senior project was to create content that can easily and professionally be shown to an employer to ‘wow’ them. To accomplish this, I created a cinematography showreel, a portfolio website, and a dance video. Each component was unique on it’s own but together it created a great place for employers to come and see what I am capable.

In my booth, I included some of my camera equipment because that is what I used to create most of my senior project. Then, I included my laptop with the dance video displayed on it. Lastly, I displayed my portfolio website on the monitor. The plants, runner, and tablecloth were used for decoration to dress it up.

Director of Photography Showreel

Dance Video – Ghosts