Cheick Omar Fall – A Meeting with the Mayor of Rexburg


For my senior project, I decided to invite the mayor of Rexburg to speak to BYU-Idaho students about jobs and careers in Rexburg. This was an occasion for students to get to know about the opportunities available to them in the Rexburg area and what the city was doing to help students prepare for the professional world.

I had about 203 students registered to attend the event. I was able to learn how to set up a professional meeting in the professional world and use the skills that I have learned in the past years.

Three reasons pushed me to organize this event. First, I wanted to be a voice for my fellow students in pointing out the lack of jobs and careers in Rexburg for students. Second, I wanted to raise awareness about the fact that the community leaders were actively involved in helping BYU-Idaho students have a positive experience in Rexburg. And third, I wanted to use the skills that I have acquired over the years, in social media, advertisement, public relations, event planning, organizational skills, leadership and many more in one activity and this event was the perfect play.

 In the program of the event, I made some time for a Q&A session where students will be able to ask questions to the mayor. I also added in the program a networking time where students would be able to chat and familiarize themselves with the mayor and other guests invited.

For the promotion of the event, I used many of the skills that I have learned over the past years to promote the event to students and to faculties who were interested in attending the event.

For the promotion to be successful, I did/obtained the following:

-Earned media with the scroll news which you can read here.

-Published the event on Handshake which is a networking platform by the BYU-Idaho Career Center

-An email was sent through the BYU-Idaho Feed news to more than 2000 students which you can read here.

-An email was sent through the BYU-Idaho Advisory promotion email to more than 2000 students

-An email was sent to the different departments so students could be informed about the event

-Contacted several Societies on campus and went and answered questions about the event

-Held a Booth on Campus twice a week to promote the event

I met with the mayor and his team a few times to discuss the plans of the events and which employers to invite to the event. I also created a survey, where students could ask questions in advance to the mayor and his team.

Due to the virus, we were not able to hold the meeting, but I was able to have the mayor record himself, answering some of the questions that students asked before the event. Once the recording is done, the video will be shared with students through my YouTube Channel.

As I prepare to leave BYU-Idaho, I wanted to leave behind me something that would help my peers, both those who are still here and those who will be coming in the future. I will continue to be a voice for the school and for those around me. I am grateful for this University and the people who have sacrificed for us to be here. Thank you

Some detailed pictures about my booth

Supplemental Materials

This is the mayor Jerry Merrill and I.This is the mayor Jerry Merrill and I.

This is the mayor Jerry Merrill and I.