Mason Miller – Equipment Tutorials

Project Description

For my project I completed a series of videos for the Communication Department Production Office. These videos consist of equipment tutorials for various items in the equipment office. The videos covered how to properly set up each of the pieces of equipment, how to use them properly, and how they should be used. For some of them I also included common issues students may encounter while operating these tools.

Topics Covered:

  • Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k

  • Sony A7s

  • Aperture 120d Kits

  • Aperture Mini 120d Kit

  • Aperture 300d Kit

  • Aperture Light Domes

  • Tascam Audio Kit

  • Steadycam Indie

  • Z-Crane

  • Ronin

  • Fresnel Light Attachment

These were all filmed in the Spori studio and voice overs were recorded in the edit bays.

Equipment Tutorial Playlist