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Project Summary

The Anyone Under 30 Podcast “the gold standard” is a show hosted by myself and my co-host Caden West.  This platform is used to uplift, motivate and instill a sense of wonder and optimism to influence those who listen.  I created this podcast with the intention to create a space to share thoughts and opinions about certain topics from the minds of those from different backgrounds and unique perspectives. 

The majority of my time was focused on… Finding and interviewing guests that could be on the show that would provide value and joy continuing to bring listeners back for more.  Editing every episode ensuring that there was quality audio and making sure that if anything needed to be edited there still was a smooth transition into the next topic.  Advertising and promoting on social media, we focused mainly on Instagram to create quality content that would keep our audience on the edge of their seats with what is to come through the stories and posts we made. 

This project taught me a lot about my communication and advertising skills. There was a lot of work that went into the online advertising aspect of the podcast but, it’s been said that the most powerful form of advertising is word of mouth.  This podcast achieved just that, everyone who listened to the shared it with at least 1-2 of their acquaintances. 

Project Video

Social Media

Our Instagram account has been huge to advertise each episode that we release! We have promoted 3 posts which have gone amazing.  Since advertising and promoting those posts our engagement rate and profile visits have been extremely successful.  Even though advertising on Instagram was successful, the most success in advertising that I found out from this project is word of mouth!

Here are a few analytics to paint a picture of how well our social media has done. 













Instagram Posts











Our podcast analytics has really helped in how we determine what brings interest to our audience and what the different demographics are like.  We use a free host site called anchor in which we upload the episodes to and distributes it to the different platforms we stream from.  We are live on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify.