Savannah (Meyers) Wood – Launching the Sticky Flippy

Digital and Social Media




Project Summary

For my senior project I partnered with BUMCO, a motherhood enhancement company.  This business has been established for less than ten years and the owner, Kristina Cash, was eager to expand her reach through social media. At the time, I did not know of Kristina’s need for a social media manager but happened to contact her when she was in need for someone to fill that position. Together, we decided I would be in charge of the launch campaign for their newest product, the Sticky Flippy.

To start the campaign, I researched influencers that could create content and promote our product. I messaged a variety of influencers, whether they were men youtubers who make stunt or comedic videos, mothers, and most importantly, kids. Once the influencers responded, I sent them a shipment of Sticky Flippy’s and followed up to ensure they were able to make a post to reach their audience. Once they posted, I would share their content on our story and feed, in order to promote the product to our followers as well. 

While reaching out to influencers, I simultaneously worked with a videographer to create a 35-second ad that was used to officially launch our campaign. We were able to book a studio and shoot all the needed content in one day. I received the final video a week and a half later. The Sticky Flippy campaign officially launched on March 11, 2021 and will be ongoing until further notice. 











AD featured in video was produced by Ashley Porter.