Hailey McKee – The Rockin Release of SideYard Records





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Project Summary

Project Summary: The Rockin Release of SideYard Records is the introduction of SideYard Records, a recording studio and budding record label, to the online world. I have built their website from the ground up, put together a style guide for their brand, and also highlighted one of their signed artist’s upcoming LP release with a feature story. By focusing on these three elements, I have showcased my learned abilities as an Advertising and Communications professional.

 A majority of my time was spent building the website, gathering/creating content, and meeting with the client to solidify both a relationship and understanding with their online presence. The website includes an about page, listings of their signed bands, a band spotlight, release announcements etc. For the LP release, I have highlighted Zephyr Pilots- a one man band who I have been closely following for the past few years. This feature story will showcase Zephyr Pilots as an up-and-coming band to lookout for and include an exclusive interview with him.

 This project has allowed me to harness my communication and advertising skills such as implementing design elements to the site, creating long term branding, and showcasing my copywriting skills. I feel that this project has helped me put my advertising and visual communication knowledge to work, and has prepared me for future opportunities in the communication field.

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Project Time Allocation: 55.75 Hours



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