Spencer Peterson – Barker Brother’s Moving Makeover

Public Relations




Project Summary

The Barker Brother’s Moving Makeover is a public relations campaign for Barker Brother’s Moving. The goal of this campaign was to create a plan, and content, that will help increase SEO, public awareness and clientele.

Work Summary

One main focus of mine has been the website creation. That was my client’s initial concern. I wanted to create a website that was professional, welcoming, informative and functional in order to give the customer’s, and my client, the best experience possible. This process required me to conduct market research, collect data and online reviews, organize the taking and editing of photos and use the Adobe creative cloud and other software to create content. I also had to use basic coding on the website to adjust the theme to compliment the company’s colors.

Project Goals

The goals of this project were to create a better website, increase SEO and by so doing, increase the number of clients. This will be accomplished through the implementation of the recommended social media campaign and the effective use of the new website.