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Project Summary

For my senior project I created Almost Home Recipes, a cookbook with my own recipes along with my favorite recipes growing up. I adapted each of my favorite recipes to show how they could be made gluten-free. The cookbook will be available for purchase through Amazon on March 20, 2021.


My dream career is creating recipes and cookbooks. I felt there was no better way to test my abilities than to create a cookbook for my senior project. In the making of Almost Home Recipes, I used the knowledge I have gained at BYU-Idaho regarding photography, layout design, graphic design, AP style writing, editing, research, social media marketing and creating a P.R. plan.


The three core aspects of my senior project are as follows:

Creating a P.R. Plan. I created a public relations campaign plan for the production, marketing and sales of The Almost Home Recipes cookbook. The p.r. plan consists of the:

–       Situation Analysis.

–       Goals and Objectives.

–       Target Audiences.

–       Positioning.

–       Key Messages.

–       Challenges.

–       Communication Vehicles.

–       Research Methods.

–       Timeline.

–       Strategies and Tactics.

–       Budget.

–       Advertising Plan.

–       Regulatory Strategies.

–       Media Contacts.

–       Collateral Materials.

–       Events Plan.

–       Evaluation Plan.


The Cookbook Photography, Design and Content. I used AP style writing for the written content of the cookbook. I also photographed and edited all the photography used in the cookbook. The layout, design, color choice and typography were all carefully thought out. The color choices and typography are inviting and calming, enticing customers to look at the images and recipes.



Social Media Marketing. I created an Instagram account and a plan set up in the Later app to post two Instagram feed posts a week, including Instagram Reels. I also created future posts and stories to be used over the space of the next three weeks.

–       Instagram Analytics as of March 16, 2021:


§  5 posts.

§  17 stories.

§  2 Reels.

·       One with 1,057 views.

·       One with 276 views.





Cookbook Cover



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