Jillian Moore – Utilizing New Social Platforms to Grow A Business

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Project Summary

For my senior project, I decided to start a Tik Tok for my sister’s pottery business. She has had this pottery business as a side gig for about a year and a half now, and she has about 900 followers on Instagram. I want to help grow her business, and the awareness of her accounts, by creating videos and following analytics on her Tik Tok. I created these videos to increase her awareness, and hopefully have her gain more sales in the long run. Of course, starting a social media account will take more than a few months to see a lot of progress. My goal is to help get her started and increase her following on Tik Tok so that she can continue it once I am done with this semester.


I created videos for her account that have popular sounds, trends, and hashtags to help increase the engagement she gets. I will be tracking her engagement and use that to help me know what videos to create next. I have created eleven videos, and, in total, she has received 7229 likes and 247 followers.


In order to fulfill my 50 hours, I held weekly meetings with her to discuss new video ideas and how we could improve the channel. As well as that, I created videos two-three times a week, spent time finding trends and sounds to use, trained her on how to record her content, brainstormed new content, and analyzed how her current content is doing.

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