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Project Summary

The project I worked on consisted of helping build Suzy Rosenow, an aspiring author’s, media presence. To do this I began with redesigning her current website using HTML and CSS to support the needs to the author and help attract an audience. Along with redesigning the website, I’ve also had to perform basic maintenance to the website such as updating security, removing unnecessary plugins, and updating software.


There are 6 pages that were redesigned.


1. The main page

2. The Book page

3. The About Me Page

4. The Blog Page

5. A Podcast Page

6. The Contact Me Page


As well as designing a website, I also created a video promotion for her book that was placed on the front end of the website to help intrigue new viewers to read the book. Creating this promotion consisted of writing, storyboarding, filming, and editing it. This promotion was also posted on her social media paged. I also edited several episodes of their podcast that will be posted over a period of time.


The following is a link to her official website.



Project Presentation

Promotional Video