Emily Russell – Little Fit Fox

Visual Communication




Project Summary

For this project, I created a health and fitness brand on social media called “Little Fit Fox.”

As my audience’s guide, I created healthy recipes and health-related graphics that will inspire my audience to improve their overall health.  For my content, I captured professional images of my meals and myself working out to share on my feed. I also created a set of graphics to showcase my design skills along with my photography. My goal was to post two times a day on my feed and every other day on my Instagram story. My weekly Instagram stories included questions, polls, and other ways for my followers to engage. I used tactics such as creative hashtags and scroll-stopping images to gain followers and engagement. I designed an icon set for my brand that I can use for future content on my page. I composed a brand guide including my typography, color scheme, logo, icons, photography, graphic design and my process.


As a visual emphasis, with skills in design and social media marketing, I desire to create professional content for multiple businesses social media after I graduate. I applied skills in photography, editing, graphic design, and social media marketing for this project. I challenged myself to create new, fresh content for my audience every day. With fitness as a significant part of my life, I want to help my audience know that they can change and improve their health no matter where they are in their fitness journey. This project showcases my knowledge and skills that I’ve developed here at BYU-Idaho.


Planning & research: 10 hours

Sketching for logo & Instagram posts: 6 hours

Photoshoots: 8 hours

Editing photos: 4 hours

Instagram illustrations: 12 hours

Creating Icon set: 5 hours

Meeting with mentor: 3 hours

Creating brand guide: 7 hours

Total Hours: 55