Jessica Moss – Let’s Rise Together

Strategical Organization




Project Summary

For my Senior Project I created a campaign booklet for a bi-weekly event I am putting together. The event is called, “Let’s Rise Together” and the purpose is to help women of all ages experience the remarkable life they were born to live. To lift and help them feel joy as they understand their worth and potential in an atmosphere of growth, community, support, and education.

We take them from where they are and give them the resources to become who they want to be. We do this through bi-weekly events as we come together to be taught from various speakers and workshops. There will also be fun days where we learn and laugh and create.

We also connect them with interactive materials, mentors, life coaches, and other resources to help them keep learning and growing throughout the week.

In my booklet it talks about:

1.    What the event is- My mission statement and the why behind the event

2.    A situation analysis- Where I talk about what resources are available and what are the problems we are having in implementing them effectively.

3.    A gaps and needs assessment

4.    How this event would fill the gap- This is where I talk about what I bring to the table.

a.    The speakers

b.    Workshops

c.    My books

5.    The layout of the event itself – The blueprint of the program, various roles I would need filled, my marketing plan, and my brand.

I also created 13 facebook and instagram media posts to get me started when I create my social media pages.

Lastly, I compiled the pages of an interactive journal I have been creating as well as a visual of its progression over the years.

 My intention for this project was not to finish everything and have the actual event. That will take many many more hours and manpower. The event is the end goal, this project was the essential skeleton of that goal. The foundation.  By implementing what I have learned these past four years here at BYU-Idaho as a Communication major, I have been well equipped to successfully make this event a reality. This is only the beginning!

You can see that they are not done, but I have a starting point. Many here are skelutons but on their way to being finished. You can’t see them all here, but I have around 60 nearly completed pages.

My social media platforms are Pinterest and Facebook.


This is very much under construction. I just wanted to share with you what I have created so far. I have big plans for it.



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