Josi Sagers – Cincinnatus Leadership Institute

Public Relations




Project Summary:

Cincinnatus Leadership Institute is a new organization that was in need of instruction on how to create and run a social media campaign for when they are ready to initiate their program. In addition to this, they needed content for their social media page as well as for their curriculum. For my project, I created a step by step social media campaign plan for them to follow as well as visual media that they will use on their social media pages. They will also use my visuals in their textbooks and online coursework.

To begin, I presented the clients with the social media plan which consisted of optimum times to post according to their audience, the types of posts that will be most effective for their chosen social media site (LinkedIn), and how to effectively advertise their company through and on LinkedIn. I also coached them on how to effectively network with potential clients to be able to build up a community in which their business will thrive and their students can interact with one another and discuss the coursework.

To continue about the coursework materials that I worked on, I drew 23 unique and individual characters that will be used for various visual media on both social media and their curriculum. In addition to the characters, I created backgrounds and settings for each story to take place in. The characters all have names, personalities, and responsibilities that are showcased through the videos that they are used in. In addition to the illustrations, I provided all of the voicework and animation on the eight videos as well.

On their social media they will be posting a video series titled Cincinnatus 60 Seconds which is a minute long case study video in which these characters will be placed in chaotic but realistic scenarios in the workplace. In turn, the community on social media will share how they personally would handle the experience if they were these characters. It will be a way for their students to share the knowledge and skills they have gained through the Cincinnatus Leadership Program.