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Project Summary

Ninety-one percent of U.S. brands used social media marketing to connect with their audience last year (Statista, 2020). Social media can do wonders, but you also must compete against 91% of brands to experience its magic. A strong strategy is a must to be competitive in the social media world.

This project focused on helping Jody K Lyons Life Coaching develop the foundation to become a competitive brand with a powerful social media strategy. My client had everything marketers say businesses should have. She had a website, multiple social media platforms and even had Google Analytics set up. All she needed was a revamp to her brand.

A brand’s data is honest. It will tell you everything from its needs to wants. Which is why I decided to spend considerable time researching and analyzing the brand’s data before making any decisions.

The analysis and research identified the following needs:

–        The need to reevaluate and target a new audience.

–        The need to strengthen the branding.

–        The need for engaging content on the website.

–        The need to increase brand awareness on social media platforms. 

The following steps will help meet the brand’s needs:

–        Create an in-depth content marketing plan.

–        Create a style guide and a new logo.

–        Re-design the website and social media to match the style guide.

–        Re-write the website copy to target the new audience.

–        Plan and create 6 weeks of content.

–        Publish two blog posts on the website.

–        Provide an evaluation for the content performance.


This project will show you that combining data analysis and creativity with your social media campaign can help your social media campaign from good to great.

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