Nicole Soubie – Adopt-A-Paw

Digital and Social Media




Project Summary

Over the course of this semester, I worked with the Snake River Animal Shelter. They are a nonprofit animal shelter located in Idaho Falls. My overall goal for this project was to get them more adoptions for their cats and dogs. I believe that every animal deserves love and a second chance at being happy with a loving family.

As far as the project itself, I focused on bringing my knowledge in design and social media and applying it to this organization. I would post relevant, fun, and engaging content on their Facebook page and TitTok account. I would be in charge of taking great quality photos, coming up with fun and clever captions, and posting on their platforms. I fixed whatever needed to be improved and executed plans and strategies on how to better make a lasting impact on those who are considering adopting. With that being said and that goal being in mind, I came up with a campaign called “Shelter Spotlight”. This is where I would specifically spotlight certain animals in the shelter and write a short and engaging description about them in hopes to get them adopted.

It was an honor and pleasure working with the Snake River Animal Shelter and I couldn’t have asked for a better project. Thank you!






Adoption Content













Shelter Spotlight Campaign