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Project Summary


I’ve been working as a social media manager for the school for about a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed planning posts and stories and tracking my analytics and efforts. But what I really enjoying is creating content and planning out ads while figuring out how to successfully attract the target audience. For my project I wanted to put my talents and knowledge together and help a small business.

I have a business I started with my best friend in December 2020 and we have been doing strictly word of mouth sales. For this project I wanted to create a social media presence completely from scratch. Including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy, while utilizing Facebook/Instagram and Google ads.


I started out with determining my goals for this project. My main one was I wanted to gain an audience on social media. Sales were doing well, so I wanted to focus on audience growth.

Set Up:

I create Primary and Secondary audiences for who I would target and I created branding for the business. This included a logo, color pallet, font, and Instagram highlights. From there I set up a profile on Facebook and Instagram, making sure they were business profiles so I could track the analytics. Every week I would create content to post ranging from stories to posts. In week 3 of 6, I set up a Pinterest account and an Etsy shop. These platforms went live in week 4. I added all our stickers as pins on Pinterest and linked them to the Etsy shop.

Creating Ads:

I created an ad with 6 versions for Facebook/Instagram using $5 a day which ran for weeks 3 and 4. After the first week, I went through and looked at the results and altered the text and audience tags for a couple of the ads that weren’t performing how I wanted them to. I was seeing lots of impressions but not many clicks. Changing some simple wording increased the clicks and for the 2 weeks it ran we saw a slight increase in followers and engagement. In week 5, I ran a Google Ads campaign with 1 ad for $7 a day on a pay-per-click plan. This helped immensely for driving people to our Etsy store. It increased our views by 56%, which I ranked as a success. Though expensive, Google Ads are worth it for drawing a bigger audience.

Analytic Tracking:

I tracked all the analytics for the 6 weeks so I could better understand what was happening and what needed changing for each platform. To better show my understanding of how to increase engagement, impressions, and reach, I ran a giveaway in the last week which almost doubled all our stats from the previous week. The analytics show the success of a social campaign and from the steady growth I have seen from this 6-week project, I can say this was a success and if it continues, there will be big things to come.  

End Results:

At the end of the project, I have seen a huge success using Instagram and Google ads. I saw the least success with Pinterest, which is the platform I had no previous knowledge using so I did learn a ton and believe I will see success in the future after getting through a slight learning curve. Facebook was steady in the gradual increase of analytics but not as successful as Instagram, which fits with my target audience. I learned so much from this project in how to closely monitor analytics and how to use what you are seeing to alter your strategies to fit the constant change of social media trends. I was happy with the final numbers, as shown in the slide show on the analytics slide.