Baylee Baker – Off-Track Storage Branding

Public Relations




Project Summary

For my senior project I chose to work with the company Off-Track Storage located in Rexburg, Idaho. To start off my project I sat down with the owners Chase and Kami Egbert to assess their needs for the company. With this came three ways to help brand and promote the business.

1.  Creating a New Logo:

Off-Track Storage has a simple logo that they started their business with. It was a good logo to start out with but they have been looking for several years to change their logo. The owners wanted to have the logo be a play on the name of the company. With that I was able to incorporate tire-tracks in the logo.

2. Creating a Style Guide:

Off-Track Storage has the colors they liked for their logo but no real branding past the logo. I was able to create a style guide that they can base their entire brand off of for the future. It also includes the exact shade for each color so that they can bring uniform to their entire brand.

3. Social Media Influencers:

Chase has been wanting to get more into social media with their business. He has been wanting to have influencers for quite some time. I am going to find some influencers, create a contract, and contact them to help them begin their journey to being more present on social media.