Iris Aguila – Hispanic Recipes for the Everyday Person

Visual Communication




Project Summary

With a mother from Peru, a father from El Salvador, a nanny from Colombia, and being raised in Los Angeles County, I have grown up with a variety of different Hispanic cultures and foods that have strongly influenced my taste palette. For my senior project, I have created an electronic cookbook of my favorite Hispanic recipes from El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. Each recipe I have either gained by a family member, a friend, had as a child and eaten as an adult or I have made on accident. I have tried and tested each recipe multiple times. These are perfect for anyone who is wanting to learn how to cook Hispanic meals but doesn’t know where to start.

I cooked each recipe, then stylized each dish, photographed it, and edited the photo using lightroom and photoshop. I used Indesign to put together the recipes and photos. Because I do not have the fanciest kitchen, I decided to invest in some backdrops from the Replica Surfaces. They are spillproof and can be cleaned after each use. I bought 4 but mostly used about 2 of them.

Since I already have a few people interested in buying my electronic cookbook, I have attached an abridged version of it. If you are interested in buying my cookbook, feel free to email me at for more information.