Hannah Gardner – The Wildflower of Rigby Social Media Strategy

Digital and Social Media




Project Summary

I worked as the social media manager for The Wildflower of Rigby, an assisted living facility in Rigby, Idaho. The Wildflower of Rigby’s overarching goal is to gain more residents for the facility. They wanted to be active on social media as their main audience (women between the ages of 35-50) are active on social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They hired me to take over their Facebook and create accounts for Instagram and Pinterest to generate awareness of their facilities.

The smaller goals put in place for the project were to write blog posts and create social media posts for the three platforms. These goals specifically were to write 5 blog posts, gain 2 followers on Facebook, gain 50 followers on Instagram, and have a total of 10 saves on Pinterest. The aim with these smaller goals was to help people learn about the facility and what they did for their residents.

In total, I wrote 5 blog posts, created 39 posts with captions for Instagram, created 39 posts with captions for Facebook, and created 16 posts with captions for Pinterest as well as 1 ad on each of those platforms. After each week I collected all the analytics into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and met with the owner of The Wildflower, Leslie Bowen, to discuss how we were doing on each platform. I utilized tools such as Hootsuite and ClickUp to help me post to each platform and manage the overall project.