Kendra Green – We Liked You First PR/Social Media Plan

Public Relations




Project Summary

We Liked You First PR/Social Media Plan is a campaign that created to help the up-and-coming podcast “We Liked You First”, which puts the spotlight on emerging talented writers and actors. My main goal was to help build their followers, which is low. Only averaging 50 listeners per episode.

Podcasts are a dime a dozen, there are over 500,000 active podcasts on Apple Podcast alone. When I was asked by the creative director of “We Liked You First”, Patrick Carlile came to me and asked me to help him promote his podcast, I knew it would be difficult to find ways to help promote this podcast and gain more listeners.

My tasks in this project were to

·       Research

·       Consult with the artistic director

·       Take over social media efforts

·       Create a website

·       Create a PR/Social media plan that the podcast can continue to use

I gained a lot of experience in working closely with a client, remembering their needs and overall goals for their product. One of the biggest challenges I faced was from working remotely, my client was based in California, and the rest of the contributors of the podcast are located throughout the country. It was difficult to plan with people, make different schedules, and rely on other people. Much of the content I had to create was getting information from other people, such as bios, photos, and script information, and sometimes people don not give that to you in the time you need, so it is important to compromise and be creative.

This project was to help the launch and beginning of season two of W.L.Y.F, which aired on February 25th. Season two is still continuing and won’t end for a few more months, however this plan will still be implemented throughout the rest of the season. Just in one month of using this PR plan, there has been an increase of 20 listeners. 


Hours Spent:

Meeting with Mentor:

-15 min

-15 min

-30 min

-30 min

-30 min (Bro Reeder, to get ask about social media)

Total: 2 hours


Meeting with Client, Patrick Carlile:

Jan 28: 1.5 hours

Feb 11: 1 hour

Feb 13: 1 hour

Feb 16: 30 min

Feb 18: 1 hour

Feb 18: 1 hour (meet with cast)

Feb 23: 30 min

Feb 24: 1 hour (meet with hosts)

March 8: 30 min

Total: 8



Feb 11: 1 hours, courses and Podcast marketing lessons

Feb 17: 3 hours, listening to competitive podcasts

Feb 25: 2 hours of listening to new episodes and see how they are doing

March 5: 1.5 ours of listening to new episodes and other competitive podcasts

Total: 7.5


Live Event:

Feb 13: 1 hour planning meeting

March 8: 30 min planning meeting

March 11: 30 min, Rehearsals

March 13: 1 hour, Preperation

2 hours: Host live event

Total: 5 hours


Website Creation:

Feb 20: 2 hours

Feb 22: 30 min

March 3: 1 hour

March 5: 2 hours

March 6: 2 hour

March 8: 30 min

Total: 8


PR Plan:

Feb 13: 1 hour Create draft of PR plan

March 8: 30 min of fine tuning

March 9: 2 hours creating book

March 11: 2 hours creating book

March 14: 2 hour of PR plan design

March 15: 2 hour of Plan design

March 16: 30 proof-reading book

Total: 10


Social media:

Feb 22: 1 hour of designing and posting on Instagram and FB

Feb 25: 1 hour of designing and posting on Instagram and FB

Feb 28: 2 hours of planning and creating content on social media

March 3: 1 hour of creating and posting

March 6: 2 hours of creating, planning and posting

March 7: 1 hour of posting

March 15: 2 hours of uploading and posting

Total: 10


Senior Project Filming and Outline

March 10: 30 min of planning video

March 15: 1 hour of filming

1 hour of editing

Total: 2.5