Tanner Gothard – 3 Minute Express Social Media

Strategical Organization


Project Summary

I wanted to show the company 3 Minute Express Carwash the importance of social media and the many benefits that come along with that. For my project I met with the head of the marketing department Chase Lyon and proposed to him my plan for wanting to improve his social media. After getting the green light from Chase my first task was to look over their Instagram analytics from December 1st, 2020-February 10th, 2020. One important note for these posts were that none of them had paid promotion. Looking through more of their Instagram posts I noticed that during the month of October they had paid promotion for their posts because they were having a special event for Halloween. I made an analytics sheets for the month of October showing the importance of paid promotion to Chase. After looking at all of these analytics I proposed my plan to Chase of how I would run the Instagram social media page for the next couple of weeks as a trial to show him the importance of paid promotion and how it helps getting the name of the business out there. The goals for this trial run were not getting likes (although it’s not a bad thing) but to have the name of the company reach more people and to increase their impression, reach, followers, profile visits and website visits. After the trail run of paid promotions and doing a contest giveaway the results were a success. Below is the infographic showing the results of my trail run along with the analytics sheet and some of the posts.



Hour Log


 Analytics 12/01/20 through 02/10/21


Analytics for the Month of October


Analytics for the Trial Run


Examples of Posts