Braden Goode – Average Joe Sports Show





Project Summary

This project is about building my experience with sports broadcasting and getting familiar with the research and work necessary to get ahead in the sports world. My goal in making this podcast was to get experience in creating videos and to create a video reel to show perspective employers. Initially my plan for the show was to film the videos using a video camera, but this method caused several issues that I needed to work around. I wanted to have guests on the show, but the people that I wanted to use were in a different state, which would make it challenging to have a conversation in real time. The other challenge was in showing slides or infographics, I didn’t have the video creation expertise to splice my video together with those informative sheets..

The research that I did was listening to sports talk shows, reading sports articles, and using websites such as basketball reference and for the last show, youtube. I spent hours listening to videos, reading articles, and preparing slides to give the audience the best possible experience.

The format of the videos was set up as a Zoom meeting and I had two main co-hosts, my dad and a friend of mine, Cal. For one of the episodes I had an additional person on the show, a friend of Cal’s. Having a rotating guest list made for a more dynamic watching experience, because each of the different guests brought a different energy to the show. I did film an episode by myself. But I didn’t really like just talking to myself, and having a co-host is much more entertaining.

I made a total of 14 videos, I had a plan to release them three times a week, and some weeks I was able to stick to that format, but because of scheduling, sometimes I was unable to meet those deadlines and had to improvise.

My primary sports knowledge is in basketball and so the majority of my videos were centered around basketball. I did branch out on a couple of videos and spoke on baseball or football, and some videos even crossed over topics and we talked about all three of those sports on occasion.

I wanted to give my videos that barstool conversation style, where we’re not using super advanced stats and is based on the eye test, giving it a more relaxed feel different from many of the major sports shows on ESPN, or Fox Sports. The 50+ hours came from the videos, as well as the research and preparation that I did, whether it was researching topics, players, teams, stats, or listening to other sports talk shows to see how they did it, and what worked for them.


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