Shelby Delbridge – Tahoe Outfitters Brand

Shelby Delbridge | Visual Communication Emphasis

Tahoe Outfitters Brand – Project Summary:

For my project, I worked with a friend, Wyatt Brazell, founder of Tahoe Outfitters, who was looking to vamp up his logo and overall branding for his company. I began this project by communicating with Wyatt to discuss his goals and mission for his company and in what ways I could help develop the brand’s visuals and voice. We talked about and established his vision and discussed what he wanted to see happen with his brand. It was also important for us to solidify how he wants his audience to feel connected to and associate with Tahoe Outfitters.

The Logo
One of the main portions of this project was redesigning the Tahoe Outfitters logo to better fit what Wyatt had in mind for the brand. We talked about different ideas and visuals to try to implement in the logo and I spent time researching what kind of logo would work best for the goals at hand. Because a logo is so important for brand identity, I wanted to spend at least 20 hours on this portion of the project to make sure the final logo would have a lasting and timeless identity.

Brand Voice
I worked with Wyatt to come up with a brand voice by going over a marketing plan and defining the company’s target audience. This helped me to better understand what kind of voice would read well with the consumers that are going to be interacting with the brand.

Brand Guide
The last portion of the project was to create the brand identity guide, which will help establish the brand voice and become a resource for anyone who works on implementing the company’s brand in any capacity. Not just in design alone, but in the vision that is carried out and the brand voice that is implemented for an audience to resonate and associate themselves with. This brand guide includes the brand mission/goals, which is where the brand voice is established.

Anyone who works for Tahoe Outfitters could refer to this part of the brand guide to better understand what messages and values they should develop to help implement the brand voice in their work within the company. If employees are interacting with real people or presenting a voice in advertisements, or a website, etc., they can refer back to the brand guide to make sure they speak and perform in line with what the company stands for.

This guide includes the final logo design and usage, meaning there will be other variations of the logo, going into depth on how they should be used properly on any platform or in printing. A color palette and typography are also included for design options that can be utilized throughout brand visuals. The last thing that is included in this brand guide is a photo library section that will go over what kind of style should come through in imagery and graphics. This helps give the brand a vibe in its overall design style.


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