Vanessa Perez- Crispy Cones’ Tiktok Campaign

Vanessa Perez- Public Relations Emphasis


I was fortunate enough to work with Crispy Cones, an ice cream shop located in Rexburg, Idaho that was founded by Jeremy Carlson in 2018. Starting out with a tent, the business moved on to a food truck, and has now expanded to two storefronts, one in Logan, Utah and the other in Rexburg, Idaho. With over 11 franchise stores sold, the founders, Jeremy and Kaitlyn Carlson, made a successful appearance on Shark Tank on March 17th, 2023, where they closed a deal with the renowned investor, Barbara Corcoran.

While the company has been thriving on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, their TikTok account needed some assistance. The platform poses a challenge for business owners as trends are constantly evolving. My role in the project was to manage their TikTok account, which involved research, strategy planning, video editing, filming, and posting of 38 videos. The project began on January 24th and concluded on March 13th. During my time with the company, I managed to quadruple their followers and increase their engagement by millions.


Weekly, I would have a meeting with the Marketing Director, Kaitlyn Carlson, to discuss the latest trends, popular sounds, and songs that were currently prevalent on the TikTok platform. Based on our discussions, I would then proceed to the store and capture the required footage for each week’s videos. Subsequently, I would head home to edit the clips. Our objective was to post 4-5 videos each week to increase engagement on the account. Out of the 38 videos I created, three of them went viral, with one garnering over a million views in less than three days

I compiled all 38 videos I created into this one. Due to copy right reasons, the music is banned, but all the original videos can be found at the Crispy Cones Tiktok account @CrispyCones
This is a chart that represents my analytics from the time I started the project to the time I ended.


My experience working with Kaitlyn Carlson and Crispy Cones was truly amazing. One of the reasons I chose to take on this project was because I lacked confidence in my ability to film and edit videos. However, this project enabled me to strengthen these skills and learn more about TikTok as a social platform. Although my project has concluded, my association with the company hasn’t ended. I am committed to continuing to work with Crispy Cones and striving to enhance my skills to help them and other businesses in the future.

In total I spent 56 hours working on this project