Sammy Stevenson – East of Nowhere Adventures Media Management

Project Summary

East of Nowhere Adventures is an outdoor adventure blog that showcases Utah and the adventures that they are having “East of Nowhere.” When introducing the idea of a senior project to them, they mentioned how they’ve always wanted to launch their own brand and that now, with my help, it would be the perfect time to do so.

My Goals

Since this was a brand new project and idea, I was asked to help them start from the ground up. I was given a list of tasks to complete but also asked to add my own tasks to make the process flow more manageable.

This list was a bit overwhelming and I didn’t quite know where to start. I could do one task, but would that task be best if I did it first? Or would a different one be better? I went back to the basics of my learning and came up with this list:

Style Guide

The first thing I chose to work on was a style guide for EONW. Since this project will be passed on someday, I knew that a style guide for the brand would come in hand for future employees. I found some inspirational images that Dave, the owner of EONW, sent me and I took colors and text directly from them to create a unique style.


Since I am not a graphic designer, I was asked to create a “filler” logo and find someone to contract that work out to. For this logo I created, I took the elements of E and N for EAST and NOWHERE and then added a post that is seen across Utah deserts known as Pony Express markers. I then added the orange color to the post. This orange color was pulled directly from the style guide.

Account Creation

East of Nowhere wanted to be on every platform. To make this manageable, I started off by creating a Facebook page and an Instagram page. Eventually, I created a TikTok page to share videos to:


Since the domain name was already purchased, I started off by creating a WordPress site and connecting it to the domain. I then took the site and connected it to Google Analytics so I could start gaining info for the website.

Content Calendar and Creation

East of Nowhere didn’t want graphics to be posted on their accounts so instead, I took their images and journal entries and created content from them. I went back to when they first came up with the brand and started finding entries and adding them to a content calendar.

I got the first 2 weeks planned out and then launched the first posts. Many posts were direct journal entries, while others were snippets of the entries and the full entry was on the blog.

Highlights and Outcomes

Since starting this project, I had a goal in mind to find some way to impress my employer. Whether that be a reshare of a post by someone famous or a reel, I wanted to find some way to impress them with my work and show that what I’m doing is showing results.

I started creating reels and TikToks to share and the first one I shared went semi-viral. This was a score in my book.

Link to the semi-viral video.

This video got the brand out there and helped gain quite a few followers. The following videos shared after averaged about 700 views.

Time Accounting

Future Goals

East of Nowhere has asked me to stay and work on this project for them for the next few months. I plan on finishing posting their journal entries and then eventually starting a shop for them to sell their own maps and branded products. I also have plans to start sharing about their goals with water conservation in the desert and public land advocacy.