Liv Gifford – Bread Babes: Fresh from the Oven to Yours 2021 PR Campaign

Public Relations




Project Summary

I created a PR plan for a brand called Bread Babes. The owner, Alexis Walker, sells fresh homemade bread from her own kitchen. She wanted to improve her engagement on Instagram, the traffic on her website and wanted to build brand awareness among people in Rexburg.

The first part of my plan focused on social media, specifically Instagram. I created a social media style guide, a posting calendar, examples of content marketing and organized a social media giveaway. Examples of these are shown in the main PR campaign book but were all made in a separate booklet.

The second part of my plan focused on the website. I suggested for there to be a blog portion added onto the Bread Babes website. For this I create a separate booklet that showcases six different topics that can be used to start this section of the website. An example of this is also shown in the main PR campaign book. As well as the blog topics, I also suggested alterations to the website to make it more pleasing to the eye.

The third part of my plan focused on events and outreach. In this section I suggested a plan for a zoom baking class. These tickets will be sold on the Bread Babes website. This will give the owner the chance to bake bread and connect with her followers. I also created a plan for Bread Babes to attend the Rexburg farmers market five times. I outlined in this section what the owner will need for her booth at the farmer market and what days she will attend.