Trending on socials – Katie Young – Comm297R

For my project I wanted to learn and better understand how social media algorithms work, and how posting goes hand-in-hand with algorithms and social media account engagement. I first updated my socials to have accurate, descriptions and information. I also did research to understand ideal engagement, and posting times to learn how social media works differently for each person. I then wanted to work on posting consistently in hopes of gaining more engagement across my social platforms. I did photo shoots and videography shoots weekly using trends or things I find creative and fun and then editing the content I get from those to be posted on my social platform. I did all of this in hopes it would help me build social media skills and put myself out into the social media world more to better establish myself, and hopefully gain more engagement to find people who would possibly be interested in the services I offer and to also offer help to those who want to understand the social media algorithms.

● Communication Skills: communication skills I will be using will be visual. Since my emphasis is heavily visually-based I think it’s important for me to have a great understanding of what I’m communicating through my digital content.
● Purpose: my purpose, for my project is to better develop my videography and photography skills as well as better develop my skills on social media understanding how algorithms work and what people are interested in seeing.
● Objectives: my objectives with this project is to put myself out there and hopefully connect with more users on social media and grow my understanding of sock media algorithms and engagement to eventually be able to start my own business doing what I love videography/photography.
● Process: every week I will find fun photography and video trends and create my own spin on them and post them on my social platforms. I will use my own camera equipment and buy other supplies if necessary and use editing software from my computer to prepare content for social media.
● Results: I can measure my results by tracking how many followers I’m gaining on social platforms, using the professional dashboards those platforms offer also seeing the engagement rate on my social platforms.

Those are some of my favorite pieces from my project. This project was much more than I originally anticipated. It was hard to try and focus on two different social platforms and understanding them and making posts that would fit the algorithms to get views. I actually ended up only really being able to handle one platform at a time. For me this was Instagram. Consistency was also hard. Finding the best time to post and how to push my content out to reach more people. I think part of this was because I am still working to grow my page so right now there are not many followers.

I worked hard to do photo and video shoots as much as possible, but things did not always go as planned. Idaho weather during winter was not in my favor. Luckily though I was able to go to Utah a few times and had better luck there. Doing something new every week was hard to work into my work and school schedules. Some weeks I was not able to do anything, but the weeks I was able to I really enjoyed it and had fun. I enjoyed planning, setting up, taking photos, editing, etc. I loved all of it!

Even though it was tough and didn’t go as planned I still enjoyed it very much and I’m going to keep working on building my socials.