Alexa McIntyre – Idaho Crash Data Analysis 2014-2018

Project Description For this project, Alexa analyzed five years of data and put together an analysis based on accident data from 2014-2018. Once she received the raw data from the Idaho Transportation Department, she cleaned and structured all the data into one Excel document for all of the years. From there the data was placedContinue reading “Alexa McIntyre – Idaho Crash Data Analysis 2014-2018”


Project Description For my senior project I partnered with the athletic apparel company, “R Mountain Apparel.” This local business has been around Rexburg for two years, but the owner had recently taken a break from marketing through social media. As he realized the impact that social media can have on a company, he approached meContinue reading “AISLINN BERRY-RESTARTING “R MOUNTAIN APPAREL””

Naomi Perez- Plumpy Peach Branding Guide & PR Plan

Project Description For my senior project, I developed a branding guide and PR plan for a small business called PlumpyPeach. This business is owned by my friend Hannah Humble, she has owned this business for about six months now, and it is only just beginning to really take off. PlumpyPeach is an online infant clothing store.Continue reading “Naomi Perez- Plumpy Peach Branding Guide & PR Plan”

Aubree Ogaard – Talking to Strangers

Project Description For my project, I did a photo series called Talking to Strangers. I took photographs of people I had never met before and with those photos, I created a photo-book, prints, and social media posts. This project incorporated all of my skills including photography, graphic design, and social media design and marketing. CheckContinue reading “Aubree Ogaard – Talking to Strangers”

Caitlyn Hassell Starry Knight Videogame

For my project I created an action adventure 2d side-scrolling videogame mini launch. I Designed and created characters, backgrounds, a logo, and animated two short clips of what gameplay would be like in a fully developed game. I used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Dimension. Presentation of Starry Knight Mini Video GameContinue reading “Caitlyn Hassell Starry Knight Videogame”