Sariah Bosted/Journalism – What Do You Love?

For my senior project, I decided to create and run a podcast. This podcast is called “What Do You Love?” and it is also a passion project of mine. I wanted to be able to create a podcast where I could talk to people about their passions and loves. The main premise of this podcast is to be able to engage with different people about the things they love.

This connects with my emphasis because I was able to practice and improve my interviewing skills. I was also able to practice my recording and editing skills. After O graduate, I want to be able to continue the career that I am building for myself in radio journalism.

A large portion of my time was spent on the research that I did in order to be able to start my podcast. I researched how to start a podcast, what I would need in order to start my podcast, all the software that I would need etc.

The interviews took up another significant portion of my time. I work at the radio station on campus and most of the interviews that I do at work are only 7-15 minutes long. They are quick. For the podcast I had to use longer form interviews and I had to quickly learn how to make an interview 40-50 minutes and keep it interesting.

While I only have a few episodes actually uploaded, I was able to set up a good starting point for me to continue this podcast. This podcast was a senior project for me but it was also a passion project of mine and I want to be able to continue to grow this podcast since it is something I am so passionate about.

If you want to listen to the podcast, you can find it on Apple Podcasts and on Spotify just by searching up “What Do You Love?” You can also follow the Instagram page @whatdoyoulovepod.